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Search Engine Optimisation Specialist (SEO): Metacraft

Metacraft is your experienced specialist for Search Engine Optimisation, sometimes spelled with a z in the US form, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Along with superior Search Engine Marketing  services, we can offer your website the ability to obtain better Google rankings, as well as performance at other search engines, notably Bing and Yahoo.

Better Search Engine rank means Increased Traffic to your website, when users search for terms related to what you have to offer. And increased traffic means more Conversions and thus More Profit, which is the ultimate aim of most websites.

The aim is to increase Page Rank, and ultimately make your website appear on page 1 of the search results.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves the tuning of your website in terms of 15+ distinct elements across your entire site.

The keywords (or keyword phrases) that are to be optimised towards, are obtained after a careful analysis of your competitors, search volume at the search engines, etc, etc.

The ease of reaching page 1 of the search results depends on the amount and SEO quality of competitor websites there are for your chosen keywords.

Metacraft is a South African operation that provides website optimisation and marketing services to both South African and international websites, at cost-effective pricing.

Interested in a Free SEO analysis ?
Contact us via this quick form to request your Free Search Engine Optimization assessment.

Metacraft has 5 plus years experience with SEO, including overseeing the technical implementation at a leading South African Publishing house, resulting in a 10 fold increase in traffic over 2 years,
Additionally we have 10 plus years Web Development and Drupal experience.

Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions about increasing your Website\\\'s visibility on the Internet.

Whilst there are many companies offering you SEO consulting, few have enough experience to truly boost your rankings effectively. SEO has become a highly specialised field and Metacraft has what it takes to obtain the results your online business needs.


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